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            G&W Architects, Engineers, Project Development Consultants was launched in the year 1971, through the years of its existence, it has grown firmly and dramatically under its maiden name, Gilbert C. Yu * Willie C. Yu Architects and Associates.  It is a skilled and full-service organization committed in project development consultancy, construction supervision, management services, architectural and engineering design.

            As of today when in terms of resources and annual volume of projects, G&W Architects ranks among the biggest architectural, engineering and project development companies in the Philippines.  G&W anticipates as the global community becomes reality, and they continue to provide the needs of their customers in order to achieve success and to grow in this new century.

            G & W Architects Price List

            G & W Architects Price List
            Unit Name
            Price (₱)
            65,000 PHP
            Taguig, Metro Manila Taguig, Metro Manila, 2BR Condo - 78 SQM